Enterprise Custom Software

Enterprise Custom Application Model

We have developed a well engineered model of an enterprise application. The model identifies key components whose specifications are decided alongwith with customer. The model can incorporate dependencies among various business functions and can even help you to make your business more efficient through digital transformation as we partner with you.

Business Entities

Business entities define key objects your organization deal with everyday. Products, Employees, Customers, Vendors, Manufacturing batches are some of business entities.

We normally start by first understanding your business entities. We have ways to model your business entities into core of custom application for you.

Business Processes

Business proposal creations, new product introduction, manufacturing pipeline and so on follow organizations processes to move from one status to next.

Custom application will streamline your organization's processes, enforce policies and above all can bring significant improvement in overall productivity. Business processes also strongly linked with organization structure. We can manage all that through our innovative approach.


Real time data visulization for operation review and business decisions. Review meetings can be held with out any pre-work on data gethering and preparation. Control information access based upon organization structure, functional roles and authorizations.

You are always ready for meetings with presentations incorporating latest data and analysis.

Document Management

Documents can be linked to entities and processes and can be accessed and managed alongwith their context. They can be product datasheets, testing reports, customer purchase order etc. Access control can be managed as per organization structure, functional roles or specific authorizations.


Capture business status and share as reports with embedded data vizulisation, statistics, tables in PDF or Spreadsheet formats.

Generate reports in pre-defined formats periodically or create a report on the fly. Archive and share reports. Build authorization layer on report generation and access.


An organization generally has a reporting structure to manage its overall operational complexities. Additionally it can have project teams with its own structure, business process authorizations and information access restrictions. Overall this can become quite a challenge.

We manage this using a structured model which can incorporate all such dimensions of an organization.


We do understand that your enterprise application may not be requiring all above components. Get started with us even if you need one of following or any other such function.

  • Dashboard for senior management for operations review and decision making
  • Specific business processes for productivity, elimination of human errors and enforcement of business rules
  • Product catalogue which may send data to other applications such as for purchase order processing or manufacturing line planning
Reach us to initiate a discussion and we will work out an optimal solution in terms of cost and time.